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Women Combating Eating Disorders And Food Issues

Take Charge!

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This group is for women (but we don't turn men away!) with eating disorders or food issues who want to take control of their eating habits and be healthy. How do you know if this community is right for YOU? Read the following statements. If they apply to you, you're probably looking at the right info page.

I am sick and tired of having to relinquish control of my body to my disorder/issues.

I want to be at a healthy weight for my body type whether it means losing or gaining weight. I intend to achieve this the *right*, *health-concious* way.

I want to be around people that the preceding apply to in order to support them, and for them to help support me.

On top of that, members of this community must pledge to do the following:

Only contribute helpful, healthy feedback to other users.

Refrain from using this group to exchange tips about fasting, binging, purging, hiding EDs from family members, or any other information on continuing an unhealthy lifestyle.

Take care of their bodies with a good diet and exercise.

Share any helpful information concerning overcoming certain behaviors and mental or physical roadblocks.

Ask for help when needed, and describe the whole situation to the best of their ability so that others can provide helpful feedback.

Introduce yourself when you first come in (though after that you may feel free to lurk as long as you're not contributing anything negative) with your preferred alias, and the ED and/or issues you have.

Sounds easy enough doesn't it?

So if you can handle all that, why don't you come in and join us?